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Works for Me Wednesday–My Favorite Online Store

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First of all, let me admit that I have a weakness for little girls’ clothes.  That’s why we have little girls, right?  To dress them in cute clothes?  (Kidding, I’m kidding.)  When I only had one baby girl, I actually did darken the doors of the local children’s boutiques on occasion and spend money.  I always headed straight for the clearance racks first, because even in my pre-frugal days I blanched at paying more for a dress for Lulu than the amount for which I could buy one for myself.  With the birth of Louise some short eighteen months later, I quickly realized that I was going to have to figure this cute-clothes-buying thing out and in a hurry since we all know that unfortunately, the budget does not actually grow with the family.  We have two huge children’s consignment sales in our area that happen twice a year, and that’s where I find the bulk of my girls’ wardrobes.  However, that’s not what this post is about–come back this Friday when I post about my consignment sale prep.  This post is about my favorite online store, which is Hanna Andersson

There are several things I love about Hanna Andersson, the first of which is the style.  I love colorful cotton dresses with matching or contrasting tights or leggings.  The second thing I love about Hanna is the quality.  I have had no complaints at all about the quality of anything by Hanna I’ve ever bought, and once when I did order the wrong size, I simply sent my order back and they sent me the correct size in record time.  I also love the fact that due to the sizing, the outfits may last through more than one season.  Did I mention that I love the style of Hanna?  Look here to see what I mean!

Since most of what I write about here at Hope Is the Word is frugality and our quest for it, I would be remiss if I did not admit that I have only ever purchased something directly from Hanna Andersson once.  When I get the urge to dress my girlies in cute, Swedish-inspired clothing, I hang out at Ebay until I see something I like.  Gee, I hope this doesn’t get me kicked out of WFMW!

To read about more favorite online stores, head on over to Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer!

5 Responses

  1. Hanna is one of my faves as well! 🙂

  2. I agree! I just love their stuff. I love stripes, love those sweet dresses, love, love, love patterned tights. Gorgeous clothes!!


  3. Thanks so much. I’d never heard of them and their stuff looks just fabulous. Can’t wait to get something for our little girl! 🙂

  4. Those dresses are cute!

  5. […] fact that I love to dress my little girls in cute clothes is an already established fact.   However, as much as I might love those cute boutique outfits, I do not have a bottomless […]

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