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Love in the Time of 13-Gallon, Quick-Tie Kitchen Garbage Bags

garbage bags

I knew our marriage had reached a new level when Steady Eddie returned this week from a business trip and announced that he had gotten me something on the trip.  Before we had children, this would have been as expected upon his return as a suitcase full of hotel-room-smelling clothes ready for the washer.  However, since having children, I’m afraid that the gift-giving, surprise-preparing part of our marriage has suffered.  I could wax nostalgic here thinking about all the times I’ve tucked little notes into his suitcase and he has left a card or a note in one of my bathroom cabinet drawers.  Instead of focusing on the romantic past, however, I will revel in the fact that my dear husband still speaks my love language.  The important part here, though, is that not only did he bring me something I wanted, he also did it very frugally.  Steady Eddie has gotten into couponing (is that a word?) more than I ever have.  I’m really glad, too, because my right-brain-dominant, overtired mommy brain has a difficult time keeping up with the deals.  We have been CVSing and deal-hunting since around November of 2007, and Steady Eddie truly is the mastermind behind all of our bargains.  He hit the jackpot, though, on his last trip.  He carries his binder of coupons around in his van, and it happened that one of the Walgreen’s he visited had the above pictured garbage bags on clearance for $1.74 each.  Steady Eddie had a $1.00 coupon in his binder, so his total for 110 of my preferred type of garbage bags was $2.65.  In marriage, it’s important that we grow and change together.  Fancy jewelry and roses it ain’t, but my husband still knows the way to my bargain-loving heart. 

(To read about less romantic (probably) savings deals, check out Money Saving Mom!)


3 Responses

  1. Followed the link from Money Saving Mom…this is just too cute!!! Oh how I can relate! So what if it’s not fancy jewelry and roses…I think it’s sweet! Thanks for posting this.

  2. What a man! What you said is so true..funny how life evolves and a bargain shared is a romantic moment. I followed your link from Crystal too.

  3. Amy,

    What a great story! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! (in this case, a fabulous bargain, wahoo!)

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