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Starring Louise, Too

I knew I could never get away with just blogging about the funny things Lulu saysAlthough I am a first-born child, I remember enough of my sister’s second-born angst to try to prevent it in the case of my own sweet Louise. 

Bedtime seems to bring out the best (or worst?) in my children; we usually have very interesting and at times funny conversations at bedtime.  Here was my conversation with 2 year old Louise at bedtime tonight:

Louise, in a slightly agitated voice:  “Cover he up!”  (She was talking about her bear, one of her many bedmates.  She wants everyone in her bed to be under the covers.)
Me:  “Okay, now he’s covered.”

Louise:  “I don’t know he’s name!” 

Although she doesn’t have her pronouns exactly in working order yet, she definitely knows how to prolong the bedtime routine and cause her mother to smile!


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