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Grocery Expenditures Update


We have made approximately nine trips to various grocery stores in the past week, mostly in the name of bargain-hunting.  If there is a downside to reducing spending, that is it:  we must trek around to various stores to find the best prices.  Of course, we would always just go to Wal-Mart and just comp-ad everything that is on sale, but I prefer to buy my meat at our locally owned groceries instead of Wal-Mart.  Hence, the multiple trips.  Actually, we have made it a practice to avoid Wal-Mart when possible lately just because we tend to buy more impulse items when we shop there.  In all of that shopping, we have managed to spend $101.82.  I suppose that this isn’t too bad considering that this included groceries for last week and most of what we need for this coming week.  This brings our monthly total to somewhere around $198.15.  Although I know this amount could be smaller, I still think we still have a chance at making our $300 goal for the month. 


One Response

  1. Sounds like you’re doing a great job! I am just trying to stick to our budget of 400 for now, since we’ve gone almost 200 dollars over for the last several months as grocery prices skyrocket.

    So far, so good. Maybe I can even get it down lower than that next month. 🙂

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