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Granny Would Be Proud

quilt piecesquilt piecesquilt piecesquilt piecesquilt piecesquilt pieces

Actually, proud is not a word that I would associate with Granny.  She was an opinionated, no-nonsense kind of woman.  However, I couldn’t help but think of her as I was at my first quilting class on Monday night.  As so many women of her generation, Granny made many quilts to keep her family warm.  It was a skill passed on from woman to woman, generation to generation.  The women of the church would gather at someone’s house to do the actual quilting.  Usually, as I understand it, it was only the piecing that one was responsible for on her own.  A woman could always depend on her friends and neighbors to help her finish the project.  Sometimes I wish time had not changed and we had not become so private and self-sufficient.  One thing I realize as I read and learn about times past is that people depended upon each other.  Whether in making a quilt or living a life, they all needed help from time to time, and so do we.

About the photo above:  I was blessed when a lady at my church who is very skilled at quilting and has studied its history and its form as an art invited me to join a class she is teaching in her home.  Monday night we learned a little bit about the history of quilting and got started.  I finished three squares for my string quilt, as she called it.  Sure, the fabrics are a little wild and mismatched, but I understand that this is the way quilts are made.  I can’t wait for another class, to hear the soothing whir of the sewing machines (no, we are not hand-stitching our squares) and the comfort of our gentle conversation.

Thank you, Lord, for this blessing.  


2 Responses

  1. […] with their nana and not even miss us one little bit.  In addition to this, Monday night is my quilting night.  Because we won’t be home much at all during the day, I am not planning to cook anything […]

  2. I found your site through Menu plan Monday and really enjoyed it. I have bookmarked you now.

    You’re squares are adorable! I took a beginning class and then as my friend says, was a monster unleashed, I just couldn’t quilt enough. I hope you enjoy it. It is so satisfying to see the finished piece and be able to say, “I made that”. All of my family has one of mine and it makes feel blessed that they feel blessed to have something I made myself.

    Can’t wait to see your next quilting squares.

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