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New Year’s Eve

We had a rather low-key night tonight, which is what I really like.  Our church is having a New Year’s Eve service, but since we have two little ones, we decided to forego it in lieu of an earlier bedtime.  I cooked a big meal tonight of oven roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, English peas, and homemade biscuits, and then Steady Eddie gave the girls their bath.  After that, we played Dora bingo as a family, and then Steady Eddie played with the girls for a bit while I rested because I had a headache.  After a few chores and more playing, we gave the girls their snacks, did our evening reading and devotion, and then put them to bed.  Lulu has gotten up twice already to ask me something (Can we see the dolphins when we go on our trip tomorrow?) and tell me something (she hurt her foot when she was getting back into bed).  Because Louise is still in a baby bed, she can’t get out to tell me things, but she can still talk.  And talk she does, often until Steady Eddie and I go to bed.  I think she talks just to keep herself awake. 

I love the beginning of a new year for the promise it holds.  2007 has been a difficult year in many ways, mainly because we have had more than our fair share of sickness this year.  However, this morning when I was reading God’s Word, I came upon this verse which I feel like the Lord quickened to me.  Although I wrote it in my calendar as a reminder of His promise to me, I want to share it here so that it can perhaps inspire and comfort some of (one of?) my reader(s). 

For He has delivered me out of every trouble, and my eye has looked [in triumph] on my enemies.  Psalm 54:7 Amplified

I want new vision this year to see things the way God sees them.  I know that my trouble, no matter how big it seems to me, is nothing for Him, and so I need to learn to look “in triumph on my enemies.”  Lord, may I always remember to see things through the lens of Your Holy Word.  Amen.

I don’t think Steady Eddie and I will even attempt to ring in the new year tonight.  We’re both tired (and we both love to read in bed), so I think we’ll turn in fairly soon and read a little before we go to sleep.  We’re planning to take a little day trip tomorrow to see some Christmas lights at a big hotel before they take them down, and while nothing surprises me anymore, I really don’t think we’ll see any dolphins. 

Have a beautiful New Year!


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