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My Christmas Baking Marathon

Oh my lands, I’m tired!  I’m having some of my oldest and dearest friends over for lunch tomorrow, and I endeavored to do almost every bit of my cooking today.  In addition to this, I also did my annual Christmas baking of cookies and candy to give as gifts.  This is what I made today:

Whew!  Although I’m very tired, I know all of this work will pay off in the morning when I can take my time with my final preparations.  Thanks to Steady Eddie, the house if presentable, but I still have a few things to do.  This is what I need to do in the morning:

  • wrap a couple of gifts
  • clean and finish my ornament for the ornament exchange
  • put the soup in the crock pot to warm
  • bake the bread
  • arrange and decorate the eating table
  • arrange and decorate the food table
  • give the house a last-minute once-over

I’m really looking forward to this get-together.  I enjoy cooking for people, and I love spending time with these girls.  Their friendships are worth all the hard work I put into these fun occasions!


One Response

  1. I always look forward to our get together. I know it is alot of work for you to do. The food is ALWAYS delicious and your home is always beautiful. I LOVE spending time with you and your girls. You are one of my best friends and I thank GOD for your friendship.

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