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Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan MondayThis is another hectic week for us due to Steady Eddie’s work schedule and obligations.  This week I’m trying to not spend too much money on groceries due to my goal of spending $200 or less on groceries this month.  I bought some of what I plan to cook on sale last week, so hopefully I will be able to do this.  Also, my girls tend to eat soup fairly well, so we’re heavy on the soup this week.  I loved the Soup-tacular carnival that BooMama hosted last week, and I am trying out a new chicken noodle soup recipe someone posted there.  Lulu LOVES canned chicken noodle soup, so I thought I’d try a healthier (maybe?) version and see if she likes it as well. 

Here’s what I’m planning on cooking:

Monday–breakfast for supper:  pancakes, link sausage, and eggs (We had lunch with Steady Eddie at the Olive Garden, so I’m pretty well stuffed for the day.  We’ll either have sandwiches or see if my mom is cooking tonight and pay a visit there!)

Tuesday–kielbasa bean soup

Wednesday–chicken noodle soup

Thursday–leftover soup!

Friday–I’m cropping tonight, so it’s every man for himself.

I also plan to use up some of the things I have languishing in the refrigerator this week.  For example, I have some buttermilk that has just recently gone out of date that I plan to use in some muffins, etc.  We’ll see how it all turns out.

If you want to see what other folks are having this week, head on over to I’m an Organizing Junkie!


One Response

  1. Great Menu, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Mine is up too!


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