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The Girl Was on a Roll

Baby bunny 

Baby bunnyBaby bunnyMonday night as Steady Eddie, the girls, and I decorated the Christmas tree, Lulu and Louise were excited beyond words.  My girls are nothing if not verbose and verbally proficient, and being excited tends to bring out the most entertaining and interesting statements from them.   Lulu, in particular, was in her prime tonight.  We had a great time looking at all the ornaments they’ve received in their short lives, as this is a Christmas tradition for us.  When Steady Eddie and I celebrated our first Christmas, one of the things we instituted was the buying of a particular ornament to commemorate the event.  Steady Eddie has continued the tradition by buying me an ornament every year, and we continued this for the girls once they were born.  Louise’s first ornament from us as a newborn has a place for her picture, while Lulu’s (pictured above) includes a little baby rabbit.  Lulu, being all abuzz with Christmas-tree induced excitement, wanted to know where her picture was.   I don’t think I had time to answer before she came back with, “Is that me?” while she pointed to the rabbit in the cup.  I answered yes because I was too tired to think.  She then responded, “. . .when I was a baby rabbit?”  It was (and still is) the funniest thing I heard all night.  She was so cute and sparkly tonight that I wish I could keep her this age forever.


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