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Little by Little, Step by Step

GroceriesGroceriesGroceriesGroceriesGroceriesGroceriesOver the past couple of months, we have been attempting to cut back on our spending.  Steady Eddie has become our home’s official CVS gamer, and because he is pretty good at it, we are getting closer and closer to buying all our non-grocery items there with little out-of-pocket expenditures thanks to the accumulation of ECBs.  I confess that it’s a little more than this mommy-brain can handle, especially when actually shopping with Lulu and Louise.  However, one thing I can do is consistently try to reduce our grocery spending.  I really don’t have a specific set goal in mind; I just want to reduce our overall expenditure.  During November, we spent between $50-$150 less overall (grocery and non-food).  We are not great record-keepers, so the approximation is due to the fact that it’s compared to an average.  While I admit that I was disappointed by this amount at first, Steady Eddie, ever the optimist, was quick to point out to me that we purchased extra items for Louise’s birthday party and Thanksgiving and still managed to reduce our spending. 

The girls and I went grocery shopping this morning.  I’ve realized that the best thing for me to do is hit the locally-owned grocery for their sales and try to buy everything else at Aldi.  I used to shop at Wal-Mart, but I’ve been avoiding it lately.  Sometimes I just don’t want to walk four miles to buy groceries.  Anyway, my strategy is now based on buying meat only when it’s on sale, sometimes even stocking up.  I’m going to keep up with my grocery expenditures here on my trusty ol’ blog so I will have an actual record for the end of the month. 

I spent $19.65 at Aldi and $18.14 at the grocery store, for a total of $37.79.  I feel like this is far less than what I used to spend on a week’s worth of groceries, and this included buying three different types of meat.  If I keep this up, I hope to come in under $200 total for our month’s grocery expenses.  Of course, with Christmas baking this might be a little difficult, but this is my goal. 

Edited:  Steady Eddie had to run to the dreaded Wal-Mart tonight in order to buy some new lights for the Christmas tree we were in the middle of decorating, so I went ahead and had him buy a few more grocery items that can either only be bought at a large store or are cheaper there than anywhere else.  He spent $13.10 on grocery items, which brings our monthly total to $50.89.  We’ll have to tighten our belt next week!

(The above graphic came from art.com.)


One Response

  1. I am flabbergasted. I can’t walk into the grocery store for under $75. And I go more than once a week.

    You have my complete attention.

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