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Growing Up

This GirlThis GirlLulu is growing up, slowly but surely, right before our eyes.   From the time she was four months old, she sucked the middle and ring fingers on her right hand for comfort or out of boredom.  When I read on Mandi’s blog back in October that she was about to break her almost-three-year-old daughter of her thumb-sucking habit, it hit me that it might be time to break three-and-a-half-year-old Lulu from her finger sucking habit.  I had really never given it much thought before then–I knew the day would come, but I hadn’t the intestinal fortitude to really go through with it.  I knew her finger sucking was closely related to having her “Buh,” the receiving blanket Steady Eddie’s grandmother made for Lulu when she was an infant.  Without Buh, Lulu often seemed to forget about her fingers, but with Buh, the fingers always went straight into her mouth.  I definitely didn’t have the heart to make her give up Buh, however, so one day after coming home from Bible study, I just off-handedly mentioned to her that since she was getting to be such a big girl, it was time to give up the finger sucking.  Okay, so I also bribed offered her a reward of ice cream if she made it all day with no fingers.  Lo and behold, she did it!  With no crying and no whining, my little girl gave up a three year habit.  Naptime was a little difficult in that it took her longer to go to sleep with no fingers to lull her, but she never once (to my knowledge) backslid into finger sucking since that fateful October day.  I am so proud of her, but I am also a little sad. I know it’s inevitable, but I almost dread these little breaks with babyhood and toddlerhood.   And there’s a certain little dingy white blanket with multi-colored hearts on it that is a little lonely and forlorn some days.  What I really want to know, though, is why I can’t give up my Dr. Pepper habit as easily?


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