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Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

How many of you like baking on baking stones?  I do!  I confess, I had owned a Pampered chef round stone for several years and had not used it much until recently when I began making homemade pizza regularly.  I earned one of each of the bar pans at a Pampered Chef home show I recently had, so when I decided to make M & M cookies last week, I knew I would bake them on my large bar pan.  However, as I often do, I miscalculated the time it would take me to bake several pans of cookies, so I was rather impatient to take them up once they came out of the oven.  I did wait approximatley ten or so minutes, but because the bar pan retained a good bit of heat, the cookies were still too warm for my rather thick spatula to slide underneath them without tearing them to pieces and mushing them up.  Then I had a brainstorm!  Pampered Chef stones come with a nylon scraper which is used to scrape food off the stone since the stones are not supposed to be washed with dish soap.  I took out my handy little nylon scraper (which is very thin) and used it as a little spatula for the cookies!  I was rather proud of myself for thinking of this!  I know this tip is rather obscure, but maybe some of my dear readers will find it useful.   


One Response

  1. It is not obscure! It is inventive! Just keep telling yourself that with all you do! :0)
    Keep up the good work with cooking from scratch!

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